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About Me

Bella is a professional freelance model with 12 years of experience in fashion editorial, bridal, boudoir, portrait, art nude, runway, and more. 


A “professional chameleon,” she loves putting on a character for every project she does, whether it be a fashion shoot, commercial work, or anything in between. She loves the wide expanse and variety of what I offer and always prioritizes incorporating storytelling into her work.


She originally built her brand and image in Kansas City, Missouri, and soon fell in love with creating art in nature. While she loves all kinds of modeling, being naked in nature hits different. Through her nude modeling, she views herself as a conduit for Mother Nature, embodying her spirit, and entering a flow state where she feels most at peace with herself.


Ultimately, she moved to Hawai’i to immerse herself in the natural world and inspire others to do the same. Empowering others to embrace their natural selves is what drives her. A humble source of inspiration, she strives to live authentically and encourage others to feel comfortable in their skin, love their bodies, discover their joy — the beautiful list goes on.


Helping people find healing within themselves is why she does what she does, and Hawai’i is a magical place that provides that immersive healing. She quickly realized after moving there that people are going to create art there no matter what, so if she can facilitate creation in a way that respects the land and its people, she should do so.


In addition to her day-to-day modeling work, she facilitates photo tours of the Big Island, ensuring responsibility for location, and maintaining respect and care for the native lands. 


She has visions for a future of hosting women’s retreats on the island to continue pursuing her passion for holding and creating space for women to celebrate their bodies.


To learn more about her, visit the links below.

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