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About Me

I am a Kansas City-based traveling model with a passion for helping other women feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. With over seven years of modeling experience from fine art nude to bridal and everything in between, this is my passion.


Even though modeling is my work, it doesn’t feel like work. I’ve been doing this for seven years because it fulfills me. I got my start at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri where I would model for my friends’ projects. After I moved to Kansas City, I started working with photographers and fashion designers until this became my full-time job. I truly believe that if you pursue your dreams and hustle hard, that you can make your passion your full-time work.


I like to call myself a chameleon because I can adopt a variety of looks and stories into my work. People hire me a lot because they have a vision that I can fit into, whether it’s a fine art nude shoot, boudoir shoot, bridal shoot, or more. I also have a natural flow in front of the camera and require little to no posing direction.


Always creating something new that stands out from the crowd, I’m currently focusing on my own business where I provide model consultations, photoshoot direction, and model-coaching.


I continue to expand my portfolio in commercial, runway, portrait, boudoir, editorial, bridal, and art modeling while running my own business.


To learn more about me, click the links below!

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