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Consultation/Coaching Reviews

“Bella’s natural grace and effortless beauty not only come across in print, it shines when you meet her in person. Her passion for modeling and sharing that wealth of knowledge are incredibly insightful. I would 100% recommend anyone even thinking about getting into the industry to have a coaching session with her. She strives to bring the best out in people all while having fun and enjoying your time. She's unknowingly boosted the confidence I have in myself to do something outside of my comfort zone. I am forever grateful to her for that and being one of the loveliest humans I've met.” -J. L. Meyer

"I'm a very skilled photographer, but I didn't have any experience working with models. Bella answered all my questions--no matter how silly or basic--without being intimidating or condescending. Not only that, she was able to give me insider tips and answer questions I didn't even know I had. I would absolutely recommend a consultation with Bella for any photographer interested in getting started with model work!" -Joe Holzhauer

"My meeting with Bella was not only fun but very informative. I don’t necessarily consider myself an aspiring model, but I’m in front of the camera A LOT because of my life + style blog. Bella’s advice and feedback not only helped me feel more confident, but I also feel more prepared for any modeling work that does come my way! Bella knows what she’s talking about when it comes to every aspect of modeling & she’s very well respected and admired." -Kinsey, TheStyleOperandi

"I had a great consultation with Bella! She was very organized and gave me a lot of good advice on how to get started in modeling and modeling poses. She was sweet and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable, confident, and excited to get started in modeling. I look foward to doing a coaching session with her in the future." -Nia, NiaMarieOfficial

"Bella Donna has always been one of my favorite models in the KC area! Her talents are so unique and well rounded that when I heard she offered modeling coaching, I instantly messaged her to schedule a consultation. We talked about the basics...and she shared some tips and advice that have been incredibly helpful in helping build my social media presence and portfolio! I have also hired Bella to coach me on-set, and she was incredible! She made it so easy to offer poses to help me during my first photoshoot, even expressions and hand placement. She was so encouraging and charming that I was instantly comfortable, even being in revealing clothing with a male model for my first shoot...Having somebody to assist and make sure I look my best was such a relief. Especially being a plus sized model- she was always very polite, but still candid about what worked or what may work better for me. That blend of honesty and constructiveness is such a powerful energy to have on set!! I am so happy that I chose to work with Bella..." -Mallory J

Model Praise

​"Bella is an intuitive beauty who makes it incredibly easy to create wonderful images. She is a true professional who enjoys her work and has a lot to offer. Throughout our lengthy shoot, she would often anticipate my next request and be changing her pose as I was asking. She was extremely easy to work with and showed great depth in achieving the different looks I was working towards." -RGN Photography

"As a relatively new portrait photographer, I am always looking for ways to learn and expand my knowledge of the craft. I recently took the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Bella Donna where she instructed me on the intricacies of a boudoir photo session. From making the model feel confident and comfortable, to proper communication, to setting a mood, to proper lighting, and of course, boudoir posing... Bella's ability to convey her knowledge and experience was exceptional. The lessons learned in my few hours with Bella Donna will stick with me for a lifetime, and will cross over to many genre's of photography, not merely boudoir. It was definitely time well spent." -RobbyG Photography

"Bella is by far one of my favorite models in all of Kansas City I've worked with! She's fun, easy going, professional, and amazing at posing and direction! You won't be disappointed!!" -Niah Rose Photography

"Bella is so great to work with! She is so fun and personable behind the scenes, and when the cameras are shooting she is elegant and sultry. Her charisma can be felt in person and through the pictures she brings to life. My photos with her are easily my favorite! Can't wait to work with Bella again!" -Mallory J Makeup

"Bella is so natural in front of the camera! So much fun and personable but also professional." -Sara Clance Photography

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